Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bumping - Handmade Holiday 2012 Gift Exchange

Hello, readers!

Here is a link to Elfster to enter the exchange:

I wanted to re-post this once more as the deadline approaches. A few weeks ago, I posted a Handmade Holiday 2012 Gift Exchange and invited anyone interested to enter.  I have had a few responses, but I am extending the sign-up deadline to Sunday, November 11 and promoting the exchange more to drive some more interest.  This is a really great way to share your creative talent with a new friend - or, you could just use it as an excuse to de-stash.  :)

Just for a reminder, here are the rules:

1.) Make something handmade that you think would make a great holiday gift!  It can either be a craft made from a pattern or an original creation.
2.) Materials cost limit of $10
3.) Labor cost - no limit, up to your discretion, but please invest some time and thought!  Make something you can be proud of.  :)
4.) Sign up by Sunday, November 11, 2012
5.) I will select gift exchange partners on Monday, November 12, 2012.  This gives you approximately one month to get your project ready.
6.) Mail your gift by Saturday, December 1, 2012
7.) US and Canada residents only, please.  This is just so nobody has to pay an exorbitant amount on shipping or worry about customs - although if I receive interest from a few people from the same non-US/Canadian country, I will definitely consider changing this rule.
8.) If you sign up for the exchange, please subscribe to my blog - that way, if there are any updates, I can post them here for the participants to read.

I am also working on my wrap-up from my Trans-Con Stitch-A-Thon - stay tuned for details, including 5800 miles of knitting, In-N-Out burger, and great aerial pics of the Rockies over Salt Lake City!

Thanks for stopping by!

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