Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Handmade Holiday 2012 Gift Exchange

Hello, readers!

Does anyone know what yesterday was?  Here's a clue.

It was September 25, which means that yesterday was exactly 3 months before Christmas!  Now that I have built up a small blog following, I was wondering if any of you readers would be interested in a holiday handmade gift exchange.  What better excuse to stitch up that cute little ornament you have been eyeballing? I always read other bloggers' sites and see the adorable gifts that they have received from other crafters, and I thought it would be fun to host my own holiday exchange.  You can give something awesome and get something awesome in return!

Here are the rules:

1.) Make something handmade that you think would make a great holiday gift!  It can either be a craft made from a pattern or an original creation.
2.) Materials cost limit of $10
3.) Labor cost - no limit, up to your discretion, but please invest some time and thought!  Make something you can be proud of.  :)
4.) Sign up by November 1, 2012
5.) I will select gift exchange partners on November 2, 2012.  This gives you approximately one month to get your project ready.
6.) Mail your gift by December 1, 2012
7.) US and Canada residents only, please.  This is just so nobody has to pay an exorbitant amount on shipping or worry about customs - although if I receive interest from a few people from the same non-US/Canadian country, I will definitely consider changing this rule.
8.) If you sign up for the exchange, please subscribe to my blog - that way, if there are any updates, I can post them here for the participants to read.
9.) Disclaimer: although it is in everyone's best interest to reciprocate, I cannot be held responsible if someone fails to send a gift.  Let's just all play fairly, please.

You can sign up for the gift exchange on Elfster at this link:

This is my first time hosting an online gift exchange, so if anyone has any tips or advice, please leave them in the comments section!  I am just really excited to interact with some crafters outside of my usual circle, and I think this could be a really fun opportunity for everyone.  If you agree and would like to share the holiday spirit, please join!

Happy Crafting!  :)


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