Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's New Stuff Tuesday!

I know Tuesdays can be kind of slow, so I used today to spruce up my blog!  For your visual pleasure, please enjoy the new banner, background, and some layout tweaks.

Also, a quick overview of some things that will be coming up soon for Less Bitching, More Stitching:

1.) New tutorial - how to make a frame for your textile pieces out of a jewelry box lid without inflicting mortal injury on yourself (it can be done!)
2.) Pics of my progress on Celestial Dragon - it's starting to sparkle!
3.) A guest blog article on Daily Dose of Handmade - written by yours truly!

Also, if you haven't entered yet for a shot at a totally FREE 8" x 8" Q-Snap frame, please check my previous post for the entry widget.  Now, I know you might think that there is no such thing as "free," but I am really, truly just giving this away.  I promise not to spam you or sell your e-mail address - I am just doing this to share a great product and increase my blog's readership.

Thanks for reading and commenting - I really appreciate all of you taking the time to stop by and say hello!  If you enjoy what you read here, don't forget to follow or subscribe to my blog.  I enjoy writing for you guys, and I like knowing that people care enough to subscribe and check in regularly!



  1. Your blog looks lovely and I enjoyed checking out the links!

  2. I love the new banner! Which design is that in the bottom left corner (dragonfly and nest)

    1. Thank you! That design is a panel from a piece called, "The Finery of Nature" in the Dimensions Gold collection. I have a picture of the entire piece in this post. If you can track down a pattern (it has been discontinued), it is such a fun piece to stitch!