Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Update - "Celestial Dragon" by Teresa Wentzler

So, as promised, here is what I worked on this weekend.  There was probably too much cross stitching and not enough "real" work involved, but anyway, here goes:

First of all, here is a "before" shot of "Celestial Dragon by Teresa Wentzler:

"Celestial Dragon" by Teresa Wentzler
"Celestial Dragon" by Teresa Wentzler
And here is what I finished this weekend.  In this corner, I filled in the outer edges, completed the scalloped inner border, started to fill in the blue corners between the outer and inner borders, completed the latticework around the edge of the Chinese character block, and did about half of the Chinese character itself (which means "virtue," by the way).  The Chinese character is over one thread (28-count), so those stitches are TINY, but they are so wonderfully detailed.

"Celestial Dragon" by Teresa Wentzler
"Celestial Dragon" by Teresa Wentzler
This is where the bitching comes in - it is just SO HARD to work from this chart!  The colors are kind of randomly scattered throughout the design, and the symbols look similar to each other and are all in black-and-white (especially in the dragon itself, which I haven't even started yet).  For as intricate as Teresa Wentzler's designs are, it would be really awesome if she had made color charts for them.  :-/  However, it is going to be gorgeous when I (finally) finish it, so I'll keep on plugging along.

I also designed and stitched a little plaid keychain Saturday night so I could list something new in my Etsy store.

Lots of work to do this week, so I don't know how much more I'm going to get done between now and this weekend.  But until then... less bitching, more stitching - and thanks for stopping by!

-Erin :)


  1. I think that the stitching looks like it is coming along well! I am new to cross stitching and hate those patterns where you are trying to decide if thats an inverted triangle or a regular triangle. *shakes head* I look forward to seeing how the dragon forms!


  2. Wow, you've made great progress, your TW is looking stunning.