Thursday, May 31, 2012

Update on Sock Monkey Cross Stitch

Well, this is coming along nicely:

Cross stitched sock monkey - almost done!
Cross stitched sock monkey - almost done!
This is the cross stitch piece that was partially finished (only his arms and shoulders) in my last post. This monkey was originally intended to be a bookmark, from the book "Hold That Thought Bookmarks" by Sandy Orton, but I'm not really feeling the bookmark vibe from him. Maybe I will try to find a skinny picture frame for him instead, or if anyone has any finishing ideas for a tall, skinny piece, I am all ears. I don't really have any significant progress to report on the Celestial Dragon; that thing is going to take forever.

However, I should be done with Mr. Monkey by the weekend. All I have left is some light brown shading along the bottoms of his feet and tail and the backstitching and lettering. This was a quick little piece! I think my next endeavor is going to be something more original, though, and probably ocean-themed, because EtsyNEAT's June challenge theme is "Water/The Ocean."

Until then... less bitching, more stitching!

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  1. Hello

    I love your sock monkey, he's so sweet!

    I think he would make a great picture.
    Happy weekend,