Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Egyptian Sampler" by Teresa Wentzler (Cross Stitch)

Finished Cross Stitch Project - "Egyptian Sampler" by Teresa Wentzler I'll start this blog with my main project for the past two years, which I completed in January 2012.  Teresa Wentzler is my favorite cross stitch designer.  Her designs are beautifully intricate and colorful, and they include specialty stitches and bead work.  This particular design, "Egyptian Sampler", has gold and black bead work and many different Egyptian motif panels.  It uses 59 different colors of floss (two skeins of some colors), so make sure you are stocked up before you start stitching!  It also uses Kreinik #4 braid in #002V (vintage gold), which can be tough to find.  The finished project is 14.25" x 11.5" (28-count linen, stitched over two threads), and I just bought a group-buy coupon to try my hand at framing!  I will post pictures when it is framed and wall-ready.

"Egyptian Sampler" by Teresa Wentzler
"Egyptian Sampler" by Teresa Wentzler

In the future, I will try to have sequential images of my projects as I work on them so you can see how the stitches fill in the picture as it is completed, but I just had to post a picture of this one because it really is my favorite piece ever.


  1. I've had this pattern for ages and have finally decided to try it. Unfortunately, it doesn't say how much of each colour is needed. Would you be able to give an approximation? One skein? Two? Five?

    1. Hi, Rae,

      Oooooh, how exciting! You are going to love it!

      I think one skein of everything was sufficient, except for the tan/gold colors used in the border. I don't have the chart handy at the moment, but for some reason I am thinking I needed two skeins each of 420, 422, and 676. If you look at the floss list for this piece on the TW website, she suggests buying 2 skeins of each of these colors: 422, 676, 677, 738, and 3045, PLUS 3 skeins of 420. I remember needing a ton of whichever color outlines all of the little blocks in the border.

      I hope that helps! Happy stitching! :)

  2. I'm working this design and it's about 2/3 done. It's also my favorite piece so far. I got it as a kit so all materials are included, but I have several skeins of every DMC color already (I do this stuff a LOT) lol.. I'm gonna try some more Egyptian designs and for anyone who loves Egyptian-Heaven and Earth Designs has several very beautful patterns! Not just Egyptian, but anything..I also like dragons and fantasy designs. This is a very involved but fun project!