Sunday, March 3, 2013

First quadrant of Celestial Dragon - FINISHED!

Well, THAT took awhile - but here's a pic!

"Celestial Dragon" by Teresa Wentzler - first quadrant finished!
"Celestial Dragon" by Teresa Wentzler - first quadrant finished!

I am going to work on the bottom right quadrant next.  It only took me a year to finish this one...

I also finished a fluffy afghan for one of my pregnant lady friends!  It is slightly less square than it should be, but hopefully some blocking will tighten up the corners.

Is anybody else working on any fun projects this weekend?  Please share if you are!

Oh, and thank you to everyone who left such nice comments on my Fair Isle piece - I appreciate your encouragement!  It's always nice to know people are popping in here to look.  :)

Have a great weekend!



  1. Your Celestial Dragon is looking great! I AM stitching something fun this weekend. My sister and I purchased a HAED several months ago and have been trying to finish other WIPs and also getting the supplies for this new one. We get together to stitch every Sunday night and tonight we are starting our new HAED! It's Foxglove Ball, and I'm so excited to finally start!

  2. wow what gorgeous stitching! I am a new follower here and looking forward to seeing more x

  3. Looks beautiful so far! He has such lovely colors, doeesn't he?

    When I stitched mine, I decided not to put the gold beads in the Celtic knot work. It just seemed to not need it, once the other beads had been finished.

    Also, if you are one of the people who loathe backstitching, here is a bit of helpful advice - backstitch as you go, because there is a LOT of it, and it will help break it up a bit.

    Beautiful work though. I'd love to see photos of your afghan! That's what I'm working on at the moment. I hope to have panel 2 completed and posted by tonight or tomorrow.

  4. This looks gorgeous - well done!

  5. This looks lovely! Does it have gold metallic in it? Looks shiny! XD


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