Monday, May 14, 2012

Instant gratification - sparkly cupcake keychain (cross stitch)

I needed to take a break from the "big stuff" to finish a small project for some instant gratification.  So, I found a pattern for a cute little pink cupcake on Google, stitched two, and made them into keychains.  I changed the pattern a little bit - I made the icing pink and white instead of just pink, and I used iridescent sparkly thread and shiny magenta rayon floss to add some shimmer.  Together, the keychains both took only about an hour and a half.  Here is the finished project:

Cross-Stitched Sparkly Pink Cupcake Keychain
Cross-Stitched Sparkly Pink Cupcake Keychain
Then, after looking at the pics, I realized that I really need to upgrade to a real camera (I have been using my cell phone camera so far).  I poked around on Amazon until I found one that I liked for a good price - the Kodak EasyShare Max Z990 (about $180).  It has a 30x optical zoom and a manual focus option, so it will really help me to get good close-ups of my work!  It should also help with the colors, because my poor little Droid 3, while it has pretty good resolution at 8 MP, tends to just bleed color all through the pictures (like the pink in the cupcake above).

I will post some new pics as soon as it arrives!

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